Exhibits / Submissions


 PORT: New Works by Sarah Jones
We are very proud to be featuring new work by emerging artist Sarah Jones. Sarah is our newest edition to our artist family and her work is like none other- using a palette knife to create most of her scenes of harbour lines in from Halifax and her home town of Saint John, New Brunswick. The show will continue until April 4th. Come see it in person - it will also be online soon HERE: https://www.flickr.com/photos/62710153@N03/sets/72157650741380807/

We're Extending the FUN....so visit until the end of MARCH and PLANT SOME ART!

Drop by and try out your green thumb! Buy a little ceramic vessel created especially for this occasion by artist Bethany Butterworth and we'll provide the seeds and soil. Then leave your works with us for a few weeks and check in on them in our windows as they grow and grow and grow! Prices will range from $20-$40 per vessel. Of course, the ceramic and plants you grow are yours anytime too.

Want to Fall in Love with ART? Go on a Blind Date with Art at Argyle Fine Art, beginning Wednesday, March 25th you can do just that!

 Borrowing from a marketing idea from book stores, (where they wrap the books in brown paper so as to not judge a book by it's cover) ...we're going to do a similar thing with a selection of works at the gallery. All works will be concealed in brown paper with only written descriptions and hints as to what may be inside. 

The price for each surprise work is just $35 -$75 ( all works valued at $175 or more!). All works are original works and there will only be 12 works available. Once they are gone, they're gone. Choose wisely and fall in love with ART!


Join our annual EASTER EGG HUNT for Everyone on Saturday, April 4th- Search for EGGS that will be hidden throughout the gallery. All of the eggs will have chocolate inside....which of course is an incentive for most, but ONE LUCKY EGG will be filled with a $50 gift certificate. So get cracking and hoping through the gallery! 

Thursday, April 16th- DOWNTOWN ARTWALK  Free Self-Guided Tours of downtown galleries in Halifax and Dartmouth  Find out more about this HERE

SHOW OPENINGS also on Thursday, April 16th, 6pm-8pm 

We are happy to be presenting two bodies of works by emerging artists on the rise. New works by Andy MacDonald in his show called "HOME" and new works by Natasha Krzyzewksi. Stay tuned for more details soon and sneak peek images here! Both shows will continue until May 9th.

Detail of new work by Andy MacDonald


OPEN CITY in HALIFAX is on MAY 9th!  So of course, we're planning lots of fun and new works and artists to meet!

OPENING SATURDAY, MAY 9th, 1:30-3:30pm.  Artist Gary Staple creates works of art out of wood.  We are delighted to be presenting this unique show. Sneak peeks will come along soon!

Cherry Blossom Tea Case by Gary Staple
On the walls, also opening on May 9th,  we'll be featuring a selection of the latest works by emerging artist Craig Baltzer in his series called "Chasing the Light". Craig's work has being getting noticed around town- specifically at the most recent ART BATTLES in Halifax and at our Pre-Shrunk show this year, where all his pieces sold in one night! An artist to watch for sure!!


Opening Friday, June 5th, 7-9pm

New Works by Shelley Mitchell. Stay tuned for more details coming soon.


Opening Friday, July17th, 7-9pm

New Works by Gordon MacDonald and Ceramic Artist Toni Losey


New Works by Jane Rovers

Argyle Fine Art is not currently looking for new artists for this location, however we are always interested in seeing what you are doing for the future season. If interested in submitting your work via a portfolio please follow the submission recommendations below:

An exhibition proposal/ request to show a body of work at the gallery should include the following:

A professional resume/CV
An artist statement
A CD with images, a LINK to your blog or site, or NO MORE THAN 5 images (Jpegs, 300 dpi max) 

Do Not Send Us The Physical Artwork or just SHOW UP with ARTWORK!
Please include information on each work: medium, size and date of completion
Reviews, catalogues, articles, history of sales if any.
SASE self addressed stamped envelope if mailing your submission. 

You can email submissions to: gallery@argylefa.com

Proposal of work to be exhibited - optional

You can mail or drop off submissions addressed to:

Argyle Fine Art

Attention: Exhibitions Coordinator
1559 Barrington Street, Unit 102
Halifax, NS
B3J 1Z7

Thank you for your interest in our gallery.
We will attempt to contact you in writing within one month of receiving your submission.